Pastis Janov s.r.o.

Lookout tower Janov

This new year-round is freely accessible and is located on a gentle hill (Janovský vrch) on the outskirts of Janov, about 15 km north of Děčín. 500 m from the Pension Pastis.

The total height of the lookout tower is 40 m, the viewpoint is located at 30 meters. It can be found on the yellow hiking trail from Hřensko, which then continues to the Indian village of Rosehill in Hájenky and to the Wild Gorge of the Kamenice River with a sailing trip.

From the lookout tower you can see Děčínský Sněžník in the palm of your hand, a beautiful view of the Silver Walls and Pravčická Gate and of course the surrounding villages. You can also see Růžovský vrch, part of the Lusatian Mountains and table mountains in Saxony. The lookout tower in Genoa near Hřensko also attracts tourists during the winter. You can visit it if temperatures do not fall below minus 10 ° C.


Rozhledna Janov